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Dental Instrument /Equipment Series

Dental Thread, Gingival Cord,Retraction Cord.

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Dental Thread, Gingival Cord,Retraction Cord.

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Dental Thread, GINGIVAL CORD 200cm, 000#, 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3# including no medical and medical(aluminum sulfate and epinephrine HCI)International Association of Oral ADA standard method of gingival retraction 
"Two-step method gingival retraction" ADA Guide 
please strictly in accordance with the following method) 
(1) according to GCF lies in the depth and breadth of choice or the thickness of two different types of dental floss. Each type of dental floss section of the interception, The length of line around the teeth in order to be able to prepare body and a slight overlap as the standard. (2) of the first pieces of gum into a wound and the GCF in line width of the ring, and then use the periodontal probe or the dedicated gingival retraction will According to its clockwise or counter-clockwise order indentation at the bottom of the GCF. Swab can be used in the gingival retraction pressure on the line in order to smooth the lines refer to Add Set position. (3) and then another thick line of gingival retraction by the above-mentioned methods on top of the thread. To the wound into a V-shaped, easy to push away from the teeth The surrounding soft tissue to prevent injury and reduce the Goudi cell cars for free gingival epithelial damage inside of the opportunity. (4) gingival retraction time for 3-5 minutes, gently remove the check before the top of the module or all of the gingival line. If, after gingival retraction For washing and drying operations. Gingival retraction time 10-15 minutes for complete separation to stop bleeding gums and more effective, but to remove row Gingival line, should be moist to prevent the gingival line dry gingival retraction line with the gingival tissue adhesive, the removal of the tear when the recurrence of bleeding gums.

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